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An Indisputable fact which makes the winning difference for the target oriented students is the admission guidance they receive. Gaining admission to the premier schools which students globaly aim for is not an easy task. This seemingly tall order can be fulfilled and the ultimately achievable if you have the right friend, philosopher and guide. This is exactly where ‘Global Education Mentorship’ steps in. With continuous expanding pull of aspirant of Undergraduate, Graduate, business, law and medical schools have created the environment more strenuous and competitive. Even amazing academic achievements, superb test scores, impressive resumes and the most focused efforts are sometimes not enough. What is required is the right approach, counseling and customized attention.

Our, educational consultants, team of thorough professionals pay individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with his/her own background, strengths, requirements and ambitions. Our students are not just statistics or cases to us. At GEM, we work as committed facilitators who build bridges between dreams and achievements.

Global Education Mentorship
Our strengths are proven and varied:
  • A decade of experience as overseas education specialists.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of elite and premiere universities.
  • Individualized attention and approach for each student.
  • Updated knowledge about constantly changing admission criteria.
  • Each student is hand-held and constantly counseled throughout the entire process.
  • Our commitment is to place you at your desired university.
  • We believe our students are not clients but our pillar of success and this spirit of cooperation and commitment is all-pervading at Global Education Mentorship.
Global education mentorship
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