The most talented students in the world choose Global Education Mentorship for three primary reasons.


Expert counselors have the greatest impact when they collaborate with a team of experts. Our counselors discuss the latest trends and most effective strategies with each other, and then share those best practices with their students, instilling enormous confidence. As a result, our students know the schools and programs better than other applicants and can clearly demonstrate why they’ll be a great fit at the schools to which they are applying.


With our interactive counselors, students and parents tackle the application process on a centralized platform with resources for everything from managing timelines to writing essays. That means both counselors and students can be more organized, ultimately creating an application that makes a cohesive, impactful, and persuasive argument for acceptance.


Global Education Mentorship attracts the most ambitious students which creates an environment that is immensely productive and inspiring. Our commitment toward students is to place them at their desired universities because we believe our students are not only our clients but our ladder to success.


My name is Mohammed Safwan Aslam Kazi, currently I am pursuing my Masters in Data Science from New York Institute of Technology. A year ago coming to US was my dream and I was only able to achieve it because of my parents and my career Counselors Mrs. Moumita ma'am and her amazing team. People often say that to survive in USA is the most difficult part but one must always remember that it is the same situation everywhere in the world. This happens because we all have been born and brought up, under the secure shell of our parents and peer social members in our surroundings who are always very helpful. But we have to see the world differently to get experience of the outer world.
Safwan Kazi
NYIT, Computer Science MS | Scholarship: $4500/year
It has been an amazing experience for me to be associated with Global Education Mentorship. I am obliged to Global Education Mentorship, a mentor that helped me a lot in my application process to USA. Getting low grades in 11th standard really made me think it would be difficult for me to get an admit in good colleges, with the help of their cooperation and guidance; not only did I get an admit but also bagged scholarships. I am thankful to Mrs. Moumita Gaikwad for helping me. I troubled her with my never-ending list of questions, but she always got back with a smile on her face and addressed all my queries with patience. She guided me through the selection of the college, course, finances, admission applications, visa and what not. I highly appreciate the effort of the Global Education Mentorship for my road to the University of my Choice.
Aniket Tiwari
Arizona State University, Computer Science BS | Scholarship: $16000/year
Excellent services is given by Global Education Mentorship team. They are paying personal attention, hand-holding of student at every step, very responsive, very good guidance, highly recommend for higher education abroad. I have received five admits from top universities with scholarships in USA. Thank you so much Moumita ma'am for giving your valuable guidance.
Arnav Kulkarni
University of Cincinnati, Computer Science BS | Scholarship: $22000/year
“I found Moumita ma'am to be very professional, committed and knowledgeable in the international education process. I got constant support throughout the application process for various universities the US. I got accepted into 6 highly ranked universities and have decided to join Purdue University for Chemistry BS. She supported me in each step of my undergraduate application process and ensured that all my requirements were met. She was genuinely interested in seeing me do well.”
Adit Batra
Purdue University, BS Chemistry
“I had a fantastic experience working with Moumita ma'am for my college applications. She guided me every step of the way, was in constant contact with me throughout the process, checking in every so often to make sure everything was going smoothly. She answered every little question I had almost immediately. I couldn't have asked for a better counselor. With her help, I got into a lot of great universities - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University, Arizona State University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Delaware - some even with a scholarship. I have decided to attend UIUC and I will be majoring in Psychology.”
Shiuli Rai
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, BS- Psychology
“Global Education Mentorship helped me all the way, starting from SAT preparation to admission counseling process. I was more than satisfied with the mentors, counseling and everyone involved in the process. They were continuous motivator throughout my journey. I believe the advice available here will surely help a lot of students who wish to pursue education in the best universities of the world. This experience will always be unparalleled and getting into Purdue and many other top universities feels like fuzzy magic. Thank you for making this journey beautiful!!”
Shiv Shukla
Purdue University, Materials Science and Engineering | Scholarship: $9000/year
“Moumita ma’am has always been my go-to-person to seek assistance with my admissions to American universities. From the SAT prep to the tips to a strong application, ma’am was always a generous advisor. Her team is outreaching and never fails to bring out the best in their students. The application essays were a real challenge for me. I always spoke to her before starting an essay and it positively helped me think about something unique and creative to highlight my views in the essays. With her strong guidance I had easily got into universities like Boston, Purdue, UIUC, MSU and many more with lucrative scholarships. The application process was indeed stressful for me. Ma’am has been my stress buster during those days and she motivated me to stay strong and optimistic. Thanks for your support and guidance.”
Ishwari Kapale
Michigan State University, BS Computer Science | Scholarship: $22000/year
I highly recommend Global Education Mentorship's services and their team. They were very approachable and helped me achieve my dream university. Due to their insightful counseling services, I will be attending University of Wisconsin Madison for Computer Science with a scholarship of $50k. Along with UW Madison, I was also accepted into UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, Purdue University, Penn State Honors, Northeastern University, and UT Dallas for Computer Science. Their guidance and mentorship is unparalleled, and anyone who is looking to study abroad should consult their services.
Kshitij Galav
University of Wisconsin Madison, BS Computer Science | Scholarship: $50000/year
Global Education Mentorship has helped me draw my passion and led me to my career ambitions. they have sculpted my raw and untended personality on to being college-ready. They have encouraged me to look deep within and portray the hidden me on the portrait of my application, they have encouraged me to believe in myself and what I am capable of, despite the all the shortcoming they have shown me that there lies a hidden talent in me that can succeed. Their services have helped build the perfect essays that serve their true purpose of self-portrayal, I was able to write an essay that displayed who I truly, to display more than the exterior accomplishments and rather to portray my interior ambition and passion on the college essays.
Veer Sambargi
University of California San Diego, Mechanical Engineering - BS
I met Moumita mam at Global Education mentorship and I must say she was the one who made my dream come true of going for MS in USA.Due to less marks in GRE, I wasn't able to decide anything concrete.All my confusion came to an end when I met Moumita mam. Our combined efforts bore fruit and helped me to get admits from all five prestigious universities in the USA. We have finalised UNCC on her recommendation and now I have successfully completed a year of my Master's degree with very good GPA. With continuous hard work and perseverance I have also secured an internship which is competitive in nature. All thanks to Global Education Mentorship team who have guided me so well throughout my journey from admission to Visa process.
Anushka Tibrewal
University of North Carolina Charlotte.
I attended the class conducted by Mr. Mohammed Irshad. He has an excellent knowledge in IELTS coaching. The classes conducted by him provided me great insights for the preparation and made me familiar with the actual test, which helped me gain confidence on the actual test day. He was extremely supportive and flexible as per my work schedule. He even stretched beyond class timings to provide additional assistance and guidance. On weekly basis mock test were conducted by him for listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Mohammed Mohsin
IELTS: 7.5 Band
Thank you Irshad Sir and GEM. His one on one classes provided me great insights for the preparation. I wasn't able to score 6 band in the actual test due to lack of preparation and techniques. With his in depth knowledge in IELTS coaching and training methodology, I was easily able to score 7.5 within a preparation for a month in IELTS which helped me not only securing the admission in the university but also in getting scholarships from the universities.
Daniya Izak
New York Institute of Technology, Biology BS | Scholarship: $22000/year

Education Consultant

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We created the sketch for Global Education Mentorship in 2010 while we were students at MIT University. The founding principles of Global Education Mentorship have endured since its inception to provide the world’s highest quality test preparation and admission consulting services to the most ambitious students applying to the world’s most selective universities. Our success in competitions likely flowed from our singular focus on the quality of our services, rather than on how to generate a huge numbers.

Our Passion For Teaching

The only guiding principle for the original curriculum we wrote back in 2010 was “What would the ideal test prep course look like?” As a result, our program was nearly three times longer than the one offered by our largest competitor. From the first day till today, all Global Education Mentorship instructors have earned official scores above the 99th percentile of all test takers. Our thorough curriculum attracted the most ambitious students, which in turn attracted brilliant, caring instructors, and we personally screened and trained every one of them. Above all the degrees, brains, and test taking acumen, the one question we asked ourselves above everything else before deploying an instructor was “Is he or she an amazing teacher?” We only employed instructors, whose true passion lay in teaching, engaging, and inspiring their students.We also constructed our practice tests, homework problems, and student support with the same mindset: focus only on the highest possible quality. The same went for our admission consulting services – we pioneered the Specialist/Head Consultant model, that formula proved to be popular with students, and today we are the best privately held test prep and admission consulting company.

Your Success Motivates Us

More than 7000 student’s counseled, we are no longer a two-person firm. Nevertheless, every person that has joined our team has shared our “students first” philosophy. Everyone at Global Education Mentorship is consumed with student score improvements and acceptance rates. Our internal quarterly reports and company wide meetings focus on the feedback and reviews we collect from each of our students. Our employees bonuses are based on client satisfaction. Almost daily, we forward student success stories to our entire staff and celebrate. We love our jobs so much because we get to positively transform the lives of our students.

Work With The World’s Foremost Experts

Our teams of admission Consultants have gained experience to send students to all top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Penn State, Purdue and many more. We live and breathe the nuances of this process, and we live for the overwhelming joy our clients have when they realize they’ve been admitted to their dream schools. We don’t just love the college admission process, we live for it. The most accomplished team in college admission counseling. Year after year, GEM continues to attract the most ambitious students who gain admission to the most selective schools in the world. These successful students choose GEM because they’re go-getters, and our admission counselors are go-getters, too.

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